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We decided to celebrate the summer and the start of the school year by exploring Decatur, Alabama with a trip to one of our favorite places in the state of Alabama, the city of Decatur.

If you like nature, you can add a number of activities to your list of activities in Decatur, Alabama. Outdoor recreation is plentiful here, and families with small children and young people can find all kinds of opportunities to have fun in the surrounding area. From the places in town to visit, such as the Alabama State Fairgrounds, to the state park system, parks and recreational facilities in the city, it has it all for parents who want to have some fun with their children. Decator is undoubtedly a worthwhile destination to visit when you're in this state in the heart of Dixie, so now is the time to make plans for a visit to the US.

Decatur children don't need a smartphone or computer screen to stay entertained, as the museum has a variety of interactive exhibits, including a candy-making area where you can watch the process of making candy.

So it's not necessarily time to wander outside the city, but the museum is worth a day trip to Birmingham. Birmingham, Alabama's largest city, is just an hour's drive south and you can imagine going there to see what it has to offer. If you're traveling on a weekend and can't get away on the weekend, there are plenty of interesting and fun things to do in other Alabama cities that are worth a visit. So if you're unable to plan a day trip to Huntsville while enjoying your Decatur getaway, you might want to head to Florence, which is 40 miles west.

The museum is open year-round, of course, but there is still much to do in the park, such as the Alabama Museum of Natural History and the National Historic Landmarks Museum.

If you like birds, the North Alabama Birding Trail includes over 50 sites in the region where you can spot woodpeckers and other birds of prey. You can take photos of the famous concrete bridge and enjoy the scenic views of the Alabama River and its tributaries. The "Rivers and Streams" exhibition will show why North Alabama is important for the Wing Crane and what the beavers call their home.

There is a turtle trail in Decatur that starts and ends at the Princess Theatre on 2nd Avenue. There are a number of hiking trails and trails in the city, such as the Turtle Trail and the North Alabama Birding Trail. The Sparkling Museum of Natural History and History, and there are many other museums, galleries, art galleries and galleries in and around Decatur.

If you like birds, the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge will surely impress you, and fishing and canoeing on the Tennessee River are some of the things you can do if you want to have some fun in the fresh air. Other top attractions in Decatur, Alabama include the Old Decatur and Albany Historic Districts, which are home to many historic buildings, and the Cook Natural Science Museum (which is free). The museum offers visitors a glimpse into the history and history of Alabama and the State of Georgia. The Alabama Museum of Natural History and History in downtown is just another attraction worth a visit.

If you're looking for other outdoor activities in Decatur, Alabama, head to the Cedar Ridge Golf Course, a fairly challenging 18-hole course that's relatively easy on the wallet. Other places to enjoy Funland Park include the Alabama Museum of Natural History and History, Georgia State Museum and the State Library of Alabama.

There is also a market full of local merchants to discover and much to learn in Decatur, such as the history of the city and its history as a city.

The museum displays instructive exhibits that focus on the unique heritage and culture of the Tennessee Valley. Visit the Old State Bank: The oldest bank building in Alabama is 186 years old. The bank building is housed in a Victorian building that has been preserved in its original form for over 200 years.

Experience nature up close: The museum includes exhibits such as the excavation of dinosaur bones, maneuvering steamboats on the river and much more.

On days when you have the money to spend, I strongly recommend visiting the Cook Museum of Natural Science. After an impressive exhibition, you notice at least two other things that you should know. If your child finds ten, go to the centre to pick up the prize, and if you don't, you can always return to your home town.

Go to the Decatur Visitors Center on the map and drive 15 minutes south of town, then north on Interstate 75 to Interstate 85 and then south on I-85 to go another 15 minutes south to Decator.

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