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Given the large number of visitors to Decatur, it is only natural that some of the great restaurants have also made a name for themselves. There may be good food, but digging a little deeper will give you other reasons to visit the city. Some of these decorated restaurants have served both residents and visitors for decades, while others are rising stars in the culinary world. These four restaurants feature items that appear on our list of 100 dishes you can eat in Alabama before you die.

The first is on Memorial Day weekend, and the next is the Spirit of America celebration on July 4. The new Miss Point Mallard was crowned at the event and went on to become a major contender for the title of Miss Alabama.

Connie is a certified judge at the World Food Championship and enjoys tasting regional cuisine wherever she goes. She likes to go to her favorite restaurants in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham - and try regional cuisine in each restaurant. The blog is here and we have published articles in Birmingham News, the Montgomery Advertiser and other local newspapers and magazines.

Big Bob's grandchildren and grandsons have also won dozens of major awards at barbecue competitions across the country. Smoked chicken in white sauce is what puts BigBob's at the top of most minds. Seafood and steak are known as main courses, but pork ribs are a notable menu choice. Build your own pizza, turn it into a calzone or order a sandwich - all this is very tempting.

The food is excellent, the atmosphere is lively and the food from owner Meg Curry is first class. The utensils on your plate may be disposable crockery, but owners Meg and Curry love creating jobs and economic growth for the area. Combine everything to make this restaurant a Top Decatur, AL, and you have made it to the top of the list, with the added benefit of great service, great food and great atmosphere.

The Alabama Center for the Arts offers visual and performing arts programs, and the Princess Theatre of the Performing Arts is less than a block away. Thousands of people flock here, combining the best of both worlds with its valuable recipes and lively atmosphere, making it an attractive, lively place to live and visit.

The range of creative burgers, sandwiches and salads is full of fresh ingredients, and vegetarians will be delighted with the Black Bean Burger option. The ribs and wings are probably the best sellers, but the oyster and scallop salads are also wonderful. The extensive list includes a wide selection of burgers and sandwiches, as well as salads and appetizers. Ribs, wings, chicken wings and chicken and waffles, along with a selection of salads, is probably her best seller.

The Blue Plate Special includes bread and tea for just $9.99 and offers at least nine types of meat. The chicken and turkey sandwich, pork ribs and chicken wings, as well as a selection of salads and appetizers, are eye-catching.

The Brunswick stew with huge stuffed potatoes is legendary, as is the cake with huge meringue hills. You can also find pasta, duck, lamb and pork, as well as seafood and steak with the flavors of New Orleans.

This beautiful shop presents a wide range of gift items and you can see the open candy kitchen. This popular confectionery shop is not a restaurant, but if you visit Decatur without stopping to taste some of the specialties, you will regret it. With over 20 flat-screen TVs on the walls, you can watch your favorite teams while dining at one of these top restaurants.

The S & W in front of Walmart is scheduled to open in March, and the restaurants announced soon include Publix Grocery, which anchors the Point Mallard Center, Kroger, which anchors the Decatur Shopping Plaza, and a new restaurant in the parking lot.

City Cafe is open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch, but closed Saturday and Sunday. Curry's has served guests since 1996 and is considered by all connoisseurs as a lunch and event venue and is always open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. M. Monday to Friday. Alfonso's is also open Monday-Friday from 12 noon to 3 pm, Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm, Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm and Monday and Tuesday from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Whataburger has about 800 restaurants, including 16 in Alabama, but none north of Birmingham, according to the company's website. This is a great place if you buy produce from the Decatur Farmers Market, and it is a good place to find the makers and shakers in town who go out to eat.

When we talk about the best restaurants in Decatur, you'll see that it's not your standard dining experience. Although I will address some aspects of this issue, my main purpose is always to talk about restaurants in Novato, AL.

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