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Decatur is home to a thriving arts and education community, and with a rich heritage and a dynamic future, we strive to continue our mission to make Decatur a city of opportunity. From the performing arts to music, dance, visual arts and music education, our city is not lacking in creative inspiration and artistic possibilities. We offer a wide variety of exhibits, courses and events related to the medium of fine art.

Connect with top bass guitar teachers in Decatur who want to help you and your family achieve your musical education goals. Most of our teachers have advanced degrees in their field, which keeps the lessons fun and fresh.

The Hugh and Barbara Thomas Center for the Arts, founded in their honor, brings four master artists to campus each year. Performers in the Virtual Listening Room are Jay Burgess, scheduled for April 27, and the University of Alabama at Decaturs Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

While people can watch these performances for free, the Princess Theatre has set up an online tipping pot and is paying artists stipends. Most Decatur, AL DJs require a deposit, a fee and / or sign a contract before performing an event. If you are looking for a new guitar instructor for your next guitar lesson, we recommend checking the performance of several instructors and studios before committing to regular lessons to ensure that your guitar instructors are proven.

Register your DJ company on and then search the list on the left for DJs near you. Browse the links to popular music below for events and get more leads from us.

When you select a date for the event when looking for DJs in Decatur, AL, see the thumbnail icon next to your company name. Click the contact button in the list and simply provide the selected DJ with your contact information in a pop-up window.

In September 1916, the residents of New Decatur voted to change the name of the city in Albany to avoid the label "Decatur." The Alabama Legislature tried to make Albany part of the Decatur, and a conflict ensued between the two cities and their respective governments. Albany and Decator cooperated, but Albany did not cooperate in any way, form or form on behalf of the city.

With the arrival of the railroad, Decatur was connected to industry and transport and soon developed into an important hub. After the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was established by Congress in 1933, Decatur and other parts of North Alabama benefited from dams and hydroelectric power plants built in the area. The dams provided flood protection and improved navigation, and provided affordable power to Decator and other residents in and around the Tennessee Valley.

Alabama Highway 20 (US 72A), which serves as the eastern edge of Decatur, and Alabama Highway 67 (AL 67) pass through Decator and run south to west through downtown, connecting Interstate 65 and US 31. The east-west link provides access to the city centre and a range of shops and residential buildings in the north and south. Al 67 is used as a commercial street on the western edge, connecting the western edges of commercial streets in a southeastern direction with Decatur and surrounding counties.

The Tennessee River, which serves as the northernmost border of Decatur, is an important source of transportation, with the Tennessee - Tombigbee Waterway connecting Morgan County with other important inland waterways and ports. The location of the river still makes it an important traffic hub in the Southeast, and it is known as the "River City" because it was originally home to settlers from the western Appalachians who crossed the rivers.

Other attractions include the Morgan County Courthouse, the Alabama Museum of Natural History and Allen Park. Decatur hosts a variety of free events for the public and private sectors, including concerts, festivals, art shows, arts and crafts events and other events. has selected several DJs and disc jockeys for Decatur who can help make your day memorable. North American based DJs have compiled their music in the list below. This huge directory of Decator, AL DJs contains a wide range of music from all over the country and from all over the world.

The Center for Performing Arts in downtown Decatur has launched a series of virtual listening rooms, which will take place at the Morgan County Archive at the Decator Center for the Performing Arts, to connect the public with the arts. The Morgan County Archives is located at 3200 E. Main Street in Downtown Decatur, Alabama, USA. It houses documents, artifacts, memorabilia and other items related to the history of the county.

I somehow put the digital mix back together, smoothed out the edges, made it musical and put everything together. I have done a lot of work introducing chord charts and tabs of notation step by step to show you what you are playing. You can hear it in the Morgan County Archive's virtual auditorium in downtown Decatur, Alabama.

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