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In Dora, Alabama, just outside Birmingham, your group will find a small but powerful museum full of funny and unusual pop culture items. This newly opened Natural Science Museum is a hands-on experience that will delight all ages. The museum has a wide variety of exhibits, from natural history to the history of Alabama's rivers and streams. In the exhibition "Rivers and Streams" you can learn why North Alabama is important for the Wing Crane and how the beavers call their home.

Your group can wander through an authentic Alabama cave with hidden animals and winding paths. In the Artefaktsaal of the Main Museum there are model railroad facilities with Decatur artifacts and railway signs. It also includes a theater that includes an interactive exhibit about the history of the Alabama rail system and its history in the state.

If you are interested in one of these visits, you should definitely visit the museum's online calendar with a full list of events. If you want to find out about special events at the Cook Museum or other Decatur museums, you should contact the institution directly. Become a Cook Museum Insider by getting the latest news and information on events, tours, special discounts and promotions at Cook.

Drive 15 minutes south of Decatur to the Cook Museum at the intersection of I-85 and Interstate 75. Drive to a parking lot in front of the museum or go to the visitor center on the map and drive through parking on both sides of Interstate 85.

The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be visited from Decatur by car, bicycle, bus, train or bus to the Cooking Museum.

The Cook Natural Science Museum is always free and the museum is worth a day trip from Birmingham. If you're in Decatur and can't board at weekends, make sure to take your children to one of the many sparkling exhibits at the Natural History Museum. This museum and the other three in the city are worth a day - if you can, a trip to Birmingham. There's a turtle trail in the park that starts and ends at the Princess Theatre on 2nd Avenue.

Decatur, Alabama and Morgan County are blessed with incredible natural resources and benefit from the industries that rivers and railroads have enabled. The museum has amazing restaurants that offer quality food at affordable prices. The museum's gift shop, full of fun, has everything you need, from soft toys, toys, books and other items to complete your visit. Decatur Alabama has many hotels and restaurant chains, but there are many large retail stores along some major roads.

Visit this family-friendly natural history museum, which features exhibits from the fields of zoology, geology and palaeontology. This city is a gem to discover, whether you are strolling through the old town, digging through archives for history, admiring artworks, exploring historic buildings, learning about the culture and people of the city or eating the best barbecue in the city.

After a journey to the state and to several of its battlefields, which were situated in this historical epoch, Sackheim developed an interest in the civil war. Museum curator Robert Parham proudly claims that his museum offers more to see and experience than what you find in a typical Civil War museum. Those interested in this will enjoy finding places that connect the four-day battle that took place in Decatur in October 1864. The facility, which bills itself as one of the best natural history museums in Alabama, has received national recognition.

Just two hours from Birmingham, Decatur is home to the Alabama Museum of Natural History and adjacent to Alabama State University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the US Capitol.

I hope you enjoy the depot and you will also visit the fabulous Cook Museum of Natural Science, also located downtown, and four other museums located within one block of the depot, all of which are scheduled to open in 2018. On a day when you can spend money, I strongly recommend visiting the Cook Museum of Natural Science. Koch's Museum is wheelchair-friendly and has a wide selection of interactive exhibits as well as a wide selection of exhibits for children and adults. There is also a gift table where visitors can receive vouchers to give to those who were not allowed to travel.

The museum is staffed with lecturers who interpret the exhibits and point out things that might otherwise have been overlooked or should have been known. Despite the impressive exhibits, I noticed at least two other things that were special to me.

Corry has more than 30 years of experience in the natural sciences, most recently as executive director of the Alabama Natural History Museum in Huntsville, Alabama. She said that Alabama, which is the fifth largest in the US in terms of species, is a good place to build a natural science museum that shows the most amazing life you can find. Taylor said Alabama has focused on developing a new natural history museum, with the executive director saying, "It's a bit like the Amazon south here in Alabama, and we're going to focus on it." And she hopes it will be the first of many such museums across the state of Alabama and the nation.

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