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If you want to see something unusual off the beaten track in the Decatur, Alabama area, there are plenty of options. There may be good food, but digging a little deeper will give you other reasons to visit the city. I don't feel like seeing a lot of great restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in a small town in Alabama, let alone one of the biggest cities in our state.

If you're looking for other outdoor activities in Decatur, Alabama, head to Cedar Ridge Golf Course, which is a fairly challenging 18-hole course that is relatively easy on the wallet. RVs start in decatur Alabama and enjoy an adventure full of hiking, biking, camping, fishing, mountain biking and many other activities.

Point Mallard is also one of the best places in Decatur in summer for camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities.

If you are planning your trip to Decatur, Alabama, try to coordinate your visit with other Alabama cities that are worth a visit. Birmingham, Alabama's largest city, is just an hour's drive south, so you might consider going there to see what it has to offer. There are many interesting and fun things to do, with some of the city's festivals among the best in the south. So it's not necessarily time to hike outside the city, but if you can plan a day trip outside of Huntsville, enjoying your holiday in the Decatur, head to Florence, which is 40 miles west.

One of the top Decatur festivals is the Alabama Jubilee, a hot air balloon race held over Memorial Day weekend. Bring your family and friends, as well as friends and family members from all over Alabama, and bring them with you.

The event drew a national audience and led to the Alabama Legislature declaring the city the balloon capital of Alabama. Decatur was the most important economic center in northern Alabama until nearby Huntsville effectively wrestled it from it in the 20th century.

Today, the northern Alabama region, including the location of Sixth Street in Decatur in the spring, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alabama and the nation. In addition to these attractions, Decatur also offers a number of other attractions, including the Alabama Museum of Natural History, a Museum of History and an art museum.

Other top attractions in Decatur, Alabama include the Cook Natural Science Museum, which is perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alabama and the nation and does not charge admission. The Old Town and Albany Historic District are home to a number of historic buildings as well as a variety of museums and galleries. There are pretty much every attraction worth visiting, but there is plenty to see, including over 2,000 mounted poultry and more than 1,500 animals. This makes it a great place to visit with the added benefit of free admission to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

The museum offers visitors a first look at some of the world's most important animals, plants and animals.

A visit here is one of the best things to do in Decatur, and when in Huntsville, you should definitely stop by Drost Park, also known as Dead Children's Playground. Visit the museum, which houses a collection of Civil War artifacts and other historical events, while visiting Decator, Alabama. Those interested in the Civil War will be happy to find places that are connected to the four-day battle in October 1864. If you have learned the history of Decatur through the historical exhibits, meet every first Saturday of the month at the Natural History Museum to learn about the history of Decatur and its surroundings.

The Turtle Trail in Decatur, which starts and ends at the Princess Theatre on 2nd Avenue, is a 15-minute drive south of the Natural History Museum in Huntsville and 15 minutes south of Decator, Alabama. Sparkling Museum, a museum with a collection of natural history artifacts and other historical exhibits, Just a few blocks south of the museum.

Visit the Old State Bank, which at 186 years old is the oldest bank building in the state of Alabama. Also known as the North Alabama Civil War Museum, this museum features educational exhibits built around the unique heritage and culture of the Tennessee Valley. It is known to have the largest collection of privately owned artifacts from U.S. military history. So it holds enough to make it a great place for lovers of military artifacts in Decatur.

This is an annual event at Point Mallard Park, and you can register during your visit to Decatur.

Nineteen churches of historic importance include the Amen Trail in Morgan County, and the North Alabama Hallelujah Trail also includes two. Those who love birds will be delighted at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. Fishing and canoeing on the Tennessee River are some of the things you can do if you want to have fun outdoors. If you bring your children with you, make sure that admission to the Cook Natural Science Museum, which is always free, is available to all visitors regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity or gender identity, and to children under 5 years of age. And for bird lovers, the Birding Trail in North Alabama includes 50 sites in the region where you can spot red woodpeckers and other birds of prey.

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